Thursday, June 30, 2016

Is owning an electric vehicle in the city really worth it? This article highlights several reasons why it might not be, given where you are. Focusing on New York, it is shown that there is a lack of convenient charging stations, and a high cost of accessing them in parking garages. Furthermore, there is no way for the consumer to offset this cost because most do not have the ability to purchase a station for themselves - there is simply nowhere to put it. But is this true across the board? Far from it. When a city commits to altering their infrastructure in a way that makes electric vehicles the priority, the system works. Boston, Austin, and Atlanta are excellent examples of places that committed to an overhaul of their system, and their citizens are now reaping the benefits. A city split between its goal to go green and its fear of losing revenue will never be able to provide a truly stable environment for the electric vehicle driver. Commitment to the change is key.


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