Monday, December 11, 2023


Verdek has completed the installation of  multiple 150KW and 300KW pantograph chargers at one of the MTA Depots in New York. Can you guess which one?

Today we are starting the activation of the stations. 

Details to follow

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Verdek Completes Installation at Quarterra

 Quarterra is one of our long-term clients which has continued its journey of building EV charging infrastructures for its own customers all across the Country. This installation was for 21 ports using the successful ChargePoint CT4000. This installation also includes the ChargePoint Assure warranty for Parts and Labor, a worry-free solution that will guarantee your investment in the long run.

Verdek is committed to building a clean future. You can have your EV installation ready, with the best and trusted services in the industry. Contact us now with your inquiry.
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Sunday, April 23, 2023


Verdek Granted ISO 9001

Verdek has been granted certification to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.  

Congratulations to the Verdek Team on this achievement! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

 Verdek completes installation of chargers to support the bus electrification at Westchester County 

Verdek LLC completed the installation of six 150KW ABB DC fast chargers at the Westchester County bus depot on Valhalla NY. The County has added six all electric Bee-Line Busses on the fleet.  The busses, which are all part of the clean fleet initiative, are two 40-foot buses and four 35-foot buses. The DC fast chargers will charge the electric buses overnight and the batteries will be full and ready for the morning routes. Verdek will monitor and service the chargers for four years.   


Monday, September 5, 2022


Verdek Instrumental in 1rst Galileo RNG installations in the US

In 2019 Verdek visited Galileo Headquarters with David Stecher and Matt Cole of Sandhill Biofuels* to discuss RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) projects using raw gas generated by cow manure at multiple dairy farms in Wisconsin.

Galileo's Microbox Bio was the perfect fit to manage the removal of H2O, H2S and CO2 before the compression stage to produce RNG that is transported to an injection point at a nearby pipeline using Galileo Virtual Pipeline units. 

Covid affected the timing of the projects but finally the productions are online. RNG is gaining popularity and offers the advantage of being local fuel everywhere across the US.

Depending on amount of the gas produced the RNG can also be liquefied with the Galileo Cryobox and be transported to much further locations including Overseas with the Galileo ISO tanks.  

    Microbox Bio

Microbox Bio and H2S Treatment Equipment
                                                              Galileo Virtual Pipeline

(*) Recently Liberty, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. announced the  acquisition of Sandhill Advanced Biofuels, LLC 

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Verdek Electrifies Ithaca NY Bus Lines


Verdek Electrifies Ithaca NY Bus Lines
Verdek is pleased to announce the completion of our bus line electrification project in Ithaca, NY, which includes installations of seven Proterra 125kW charging stations alongside TCAT's new fleet of Proterra ZX5 Catalyst electric buses.

TCAT is one of several projects that will serve as Verdek's blueprint moving forward for many similar bus electrification endeavors for the company throughout the US.

If you are seeking such a solution for your electric bus fleets, please do not hesitate to get in touch via e-mail or phone:
+1 (888) 336-3734
Project Mission

Verdek, TCAT, Proterra, and NYPA worked together to deliver a path to sustainability for Ithaca's busy public bus transportation routes, which in 2019 served 4.2 million rides, a 54% increase from the previous year. Our electric solution supports a brand new fleet of Proterra ZX5 Catalyst e-Buses to be deployed in Summer 2021.

TCAT's bus lines operate 22- ½ hours a day, seven days a week and 360 days a year, with only five days of downtime per year for holidays. This power-demanding operation schedule necessitated the need for a sustainable electric solution and Proterra's overnight, automated charging system complemented this need perfectly.

Ithaca's network of bus lines primarily serves riders to Cornell University, Ithaca College, and Tompkins Cortland Community College, as well as the numerous retail, entertainment, commercial, residential and professional centers that serve those communities.

The economic and environmental impact of bus line electrification will greatly impact the long-term health and sustainability of one of Upstate New York's largest population centers.

Our Turnkey Solution

The TCAT project was a fully turnkey solution provided by Verdek, from the initial engineering drawings to the city permitting, site construction, training, and ongoing stationse.

Verdek's technical support team will monitor these installations moving forward using a remote online portal which receives real-time updates on charger status and provides the site owner full control over the operation schedule of the stations.

This online portal also monitors the charge level and charging demand for all e-buses in the fleet, giving priority to buses most in need of charging and scheduling them earlier in the queue.

The system also monitors energy costs, allowing the site owner to select the most economical times to charge, or the times that work best for the fleet hours of operation.

This electric fleet charging solution is included with every new Verdek project.
About Verdek

Founded in 2008, Verdek Green Technologies is a nationally-known provider of EV charging solutions, with over 4,000 completed installations across the US.

We are equipped to handle large scale installations of DC-fast and ultra-fast charging stations for highway corridors, bus depots, or other large scale fleet infrastructure projects.

To learn more about Verdek’s EV charging solutions for your commercial fleets, depots, or off-highway applications, please contact us at or +1 (888) 336-3734

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Verdek Green Technologies Completes DC Fast Charging Infrastructure Project in Utah

 Verdek Green Technologies Completes DC Fast Charging Infrastructure Project in Utah

Verdek is happy to announce the completion of eleven DC fast charging sites for the Utah Department of Transportation, located not only along the main highway corridors of the state including I-15, I-70, and I-80, but also in strategic locations along southern touristic routes (see map left).

Each site is equipped with 2 ChargePoint CPE250 62.5KW DC fast chargers paired to deliver 125kW. All sites also include pairs of ChargePoint CT4000 level 2s for convenience charging.

All stations are now in operation and accessible through the Chargepoint and PlugShare Apps. We're already seeing testimonials from happy EV drivers on various charging app reviews.
Verdek and UDOT’s objectives for this project were to create a unified, coordinated, and responsible EV infrastructure strategy for the advancement of EV charging across Utah, with the overarching goal of improving air quality through increased zero emission transportation throughout the state.

Allowing for the continued increase of EVs and electric hybrids within the State Fleet, as well as personal EVs owned by Utah residents and tourists, Utah’s Fleet EV Expansion Team provided technical and infrastructure support and expertise in the development of this plan.


As Utah continues to be a popular location for travel, especially amongst those who want to experience the outdoors, the increased availability of EV charging stations within the Utah highway system facilitates access to the state’s wide range of visitor destinations, including popular sites such as Bryce Canyon and the national parks of Southern Utah, to all the national monuments, recreation areas, forests, state parks, and base camp towns.
It is with great pride that we add this project to our resume of more than 4,000 installations completed nationwide, the most recent of which have been large-scale installations of DC-fast and ultra-fast charging stations for highway corridors, bus depots, and other large scale fleet infrastructure projects.

To learn more about Verdek’s EV charging solutions for your commercial fleets, depots, or off-highway applications, please contact us at or +1 (888) 336-3734