Saturday, August 29, 2015

Virtual Pipeline By Galileo visits Washington DC

Mobil Fueling Solutions demonstrated the  Galileo Virtual Pipeline 
at the Fleet Administration Service for Washington DC.
The Virtual Pipeline extendes the natural gas infrastructure and facilitates the adoption CNG.

The event was organized by Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Virtual Pipeline© now available in the US

Verdek is pleased to announce that the Virtual Pipeline is now in the US. Mobile Fueling Solutions, LLC (MFS), based in West Nyack, NY, will be the first company to us the Virtual Pipeline© to fuel CNG fleets in the New York market. Virtual Pipeline© is the proprietary technology of Galileo Technologies. They have designed and successfully operated this technology around the world for the last 15 years.  Using the Virtual Pipeline technology, MFS will transport 735 GGE of CNG in mobile and modular containers called  MAT & MAT-B to fuel fleets using CNG vehicles.

Virtual Pipeline Key Components
The MAT uses DOT approved tanks and has a total capacity of 428 GGE of CNG.

The MAT-B has a capacity of  307 GGE of CNG and has an on board compressor which boosts the pressure in the tanks when the gas pressure drops. The MAT-B has a dispenser for the fueling of a CNG vehicle.

The Hydraulic Power Unit is installed on the chassis and runs on natural gas. Its main function is to boost  the gas pressure in the cylinders located in the MAT and MAT-B and allow the delivery of 98% of the total gas available.

The Virtual Pipeline has already been used in harsh weather conditions and it will be at home in New York.


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