Monday, September 5, 2022


Verdek Instrumental in 1rst Galileo RNG installations in the US

In 2019 Verdek visited Galileo Headquarters with David Stecher and Matt Cole of Sandhill Biofuels* to discuss RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) projects using raw gas generated by cow manure at multiple dairy farms in Wisconsin.

Galileo's Microbox Bio was the perfect fit to manage the removal of H2O, H2S and CO2 before the compression stage to produce RNG that is transported to an injection point at a nearby pipeline using Galileo Virtual Pipeline units. 

Covid affected the timing of the projects but finally the productions are online. RNG is gaining popularity and offers the advantage of being local fuel everywhere across the US.

Depending on amount of the gas produced the RNG can also be liquefied with the Galileo Cryobox and be transported to much further locations including Overseas with the Galileo ISO tanks.  

    Microbox Bio

Microbox Bio and H2S Treatment Equipment
                                                              Galileo Virtual Pipeline

(*) Recently Liberty, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. announced the  acquisition of Sandhill Advanced Biofuels, LLC