Thursday, March 11, 2021

Verdek Green Technologies Completes DC Fast Charging Infrastructure Project in Utah

 Verdek Green Technologies Completes DC Fast Charging Infrastructure Project in Utah

Verdek is happy to announce the completion of eleven DC fast charging sites for the Utah Department of Transportation, located not only along the main highway corridors of the state including I-15, I-70, and I-80, but also in strategic locations along southern touristic routes (see map left).

Each site is equipped with 2 ChargePoint CPE250 62.5KW DC fast chargers paired to deliver 125kW. All sites also include pairs of ChargePoint CT4000 level 2s for convenience charging.

All stations are now in operation and accessible through the Chargepoint and PlugShare Apps. We're already seeing testimonials from happy EV drivers on various charging app reviews.
Verdek and UDOT’s objectives for this project were to create a unified, coordinated, and responsible EV infrastructure strategy for the advancement of EV charging across Utah, with the overarching goal of improving air quality through increased zero emission transportation throughout the state.

Allowing for the continued increase of EVs and electric hybrids within the State Fleet, as well as personal EVs owned by Utah residents and tourists, Utah’s Fleet EV Expansion Team provided technical and infrastructure support and expertise in the development of this plan.


As Utah continues to be a popular location for travel, especially amongst those who want to experience the outdoors, the increased availability of EV charging stations within the Utah highway system facilitates access to the state’s wide range of visitor destinations, including popular sites such as Bryce Canyon and the national parks of Southern Utah, to all the national monuments, recreation areas, forests, state parks, and base camp towns.
It is with great pride that we add this project to our resume of more than 4,000 installations completed nationwide, the most recent of which have been large-scale installations of DC-fast and ultra-fast charging stations for highway corridors, bus depots, and other large scale fleet infrastructure projects.

To learn more about Verdek’s EV charging solutions for your commercial fleets, depots, or off-highway applications, please contact us at or +1 (888) 336-3734