Monday, March 27, 2017

Verdek Celebrates 10 Years of Success


A Leading Role in the EV Charging and Natural Gas Infrastructure

Madison, CT – March 28, 2017

Verdek is a pioneer of the EV charging infrastructure indutry. A long time has gone by since we installed the first Level 1 stations at City Hall in Houston in 2008 and at the Whole Foods Market store on Lamar Street in Austin, Texas which is next to WFM Headquarters in 2009.

2008 - City Hall - Houston TX

2009 - WFM Lamar - Austin TX

Verdek was founded by Guy Mannino, former CEO of Pirelli Tire North America. “Moving from fast cars and gas guzzlers, to quiet EVs was a big change.  We started installing EV charging stations when EV drivers could only acquire conversions kits for the Prius Hybrid cars.  It has been a fascinating experience growing with the market and we are proud of our achievements and enjoy the challenge of reaching new goals” says Guy Mannino, CEO of Verdek.
Verdek is now a leader in the EV charging infrastructure industry with thousands of stations installed all over the US.  The Verdek Technical and Product Support Department is available 24/7 to support and train Verdek’ customers.  Verdek also has developed a nationwide network of authorized installers that is available to install and service EV charging stations pre and  post installation.  Verdek has a vast range of networked (remotely controlled) and no-network (plug & charge) EV charging stations.  Verdek choses its partners carefully and was among the first companies to promote Chargepoint, and subsequently added other charging station product lines from Schneider, Aerovironment, EVoCharge, Efacec, and Clipper Creek.  
In 2011, Verdek opened its CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Division adding Galileo CNG compressors (Microbox and Gigabox) and LNG Mini-Plants (Cryobox) to support the growth of natural gas in the US.  

                                                         ZTPS-Biogas Treatment

                                                            Cryobox LNG Mini Plant

                                                    2015 - Level 2 EV Chargers at WFM    

                                                   2015 – Level 2 EV Charger Madison CT

                    2016 - Level 2 EV Chargers and Level 3 DC Fast Chargers – NV Energy

                                2015 – Galileo Virtual Pipeline – Mobile Fueling Solutions

Verdek also introduced in the US the first Virtual Pipeline to bring gas to areas where natural gas lines are not available and a new line of BioGas treatment equipment to generate RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) from BioGas digesters enabling the clean gas to be injected into gas pipelines.
Verdek recently added Microgrid Solutions from Gridscape to address the resilience of the electrical grid to avoid the power outages experienced during major weather events such as Hurricane Irene or Sandy.
With a consistent focus on its Vision, “Create a Sustainable Future”, Verdek continues to provide useful and practical sustainable solutions for a greener environment.
Verdek takes this opportunity to thank all its customers and suppliers for their support during the past 10 years.

Verdek LLC - PR Dept.  Tel. +1 (203) 421-6477 email:

About Verdek LLC: Verdek, founded by Guy Mannino, former CEO of Pirelli Tire North America, is a leading sustainable transportation solutions provider, offering the best options for home and public EV charging stations, CNG and LNG fueling solutions for fleets and industry.  Exceeding consumer expectations is Verdek’s primary goal which at the core includes providing the best solution for each client's specific requirements. Verdek has earned a reputation for being a sustainable transportation technology and industry expert company that is highly motivated and is continuously pursuing advancing technologies that help meet the cost and sustainability objectives of all their clients.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Growing Interest in Electric Vehicles

Battery electric vehicles are more energy efficient, pollute less and emit fewer greenhouse gases than vehicles powered by fossil fuels.
Plug in hybrid vehicles are in a mid-position, capable of prolonged driving in electric mode with electricity charged from the grid or the use of fossil fuel in an internal combustion engine.
A survey of over 8000 vehicle owners show that plug-in hybrids such as the Chevy Volt drive on EV mode for approx. 55-65% of the total driven time.
 EV drivers are motivated by economy of use and environment, they are generally younger, drive longer distance to work and own more vehicles than other vehicle owners. Normally diesel and gasoline vehicles are replaced but a larger share of battery electric vehicles become extra vehicles in households.
The vehicles are mainly charged at home, partly at work and rarely elsewhere. Fast charging is used for irregular trips where users plan to use fast chargers to accomplish the trip or to solve a problem on the go.
Most battery electric vehicle owners manage everyday life well and are satisfied with the vehicle which in combination with attractive local incentives not available to other vehicle users, may explain why these EVs and Plug-In-EVs do not seem to compete for the same customer.