Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Growing Interest in Electric Vehicles

Battery electric vehicles are more energy efficient, pollute less and emit fewer greenhouse gases than vehicles powered by fossil fuels.
Plug in hybrid vehicles are in a mid-position, capable of prolonged driving in electric mode with electricity charged from the grid or the use of fossil fuel in an internal combustion engine.
A survey of over 8000 vehicle owners show that plug-in hybrids such as the Chevy Volt drive on EV mode for approx. 55-65% of the total driven time.
 EV drivers are motivated by economy of use and environment, they are generally younger, drive longer distance to work and own more vehicles than other vehicle owners. Normally diesel and gasoline vehicles are replaced but a larger share of battery electric vehicles become extra vehicles in households.
The vehicles are mainly charged at home, partly at work and rarely elsewhere. Fast charging is used for irregular trips where users plan to use fast chargers to accomplish the trip or to solve a problem on the go.
Most battery electric vehicle owners manage everyday life well and are satisfied with the vehicle which in combination with attractive local incentives not available to other vehicle users, may explain why these EVs and Plug-In-EVs do not seem to compete for the same customer.

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