Sunday, April 25, 2021

Verdek Electrifies Ithaca NY Bus Lines


Verdek Electrifies Ithaca NY Bus Lines
Verdek is pleased to announce the completion of our bus line electrification project in Ithaca, NY, which includes installations of seven Proterra 125kW charging stations alongside TCAT's new fleet of Proterra ZX5 Catalyst electric buses.

TCAT is one of several projects that will serve as Verdek's blueprint moving forward for many similar bus electrification endeavors for the company throughout the US.

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Project Mission

Verdek, TCAT, Proterra, and NYPA worked together to deliver a path to sustainability for Ithaca's busy public bus transportation routes, which in 2019 served 4.2 million rides, a 54% increase from the previous year. Our electric solution supports a brand new fleet of Proterra ZX5 Catalyst e-Buses to be deployed in Summer 2021.

TCAT's bus lines operate 22- ½ hours a day, seven days a week and 360 days a year, with only five days of downtime per year for holidays. This power-demanding operation schedule necessitated the need for a sustainable electric solution and Proterra's overnight, automated charging system complemented this need perfectly.

Ithaca's network of bus lines primarily serves riders to Cornell University, Ithaca College, and Tompkins Cortland Community College, as well as the numerous retail, entertainment, commercial, residential and professional centers that serve those communities.

The economic and environmental impact of bus line electrification will greatly impact the long-term health and sustainability of one of Upstate New York's largest population centers.

Our Turnkey Solution

The TCAT project was a fully turnkey solution provided by Verdek, from the initial engineering drawings to the city permitting, site construction, training, and ongoing stationse.

Verdek's technical support team will monitor these installations moving forward using a remote online portal which receives real-time updates on charger status and provides the site owner full control over the operation schedule of the stations.

This online portal also monitors the charge level and charging demand for all e-buses in the fleet, giving priority to buses most in need of charging and scheduling them earlier in the queue.

The system also monitors energy costs, allowing the site owner to select the most economical times to charge, or the times that work best for the fleet hours of operation.

This electric fleet charging solution is included with every new Verdek project.
About Verdek

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We are equipped to handle large scale installations of DC-fast and ultra-fast charging stations for highway corridors, bus depots, or other large scale fleet infrastructure projects.

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