Thursday, July 27, 2017

U.K. Wants All Electric Vehicles In Near Future

"We...want nearly every car and van on U.K. roads to be zero emission by 2050." The U.K. has recently added itself to the list of EU countries with big ambitions for the future of vehicle emissions, planning to commit 600 billion British pounds towards the use of "ultra low" emission vehicles by 2020.

Meanwhile in Amercia, we continue to fall behind our neighbors across the pond. Hopefully we will begin to follow their example soon and invest in an infrustructure that will facilitate the use of only electric cars and ultra low emission vehicles. Certainly there are states like California, Texas, and Colorado that have taken a jump out in front with these projects, but more need to follow suit for our country to transition as a whole.


  1. California is leading in the US. They have more electrics and better policy and incentives than most states. They also have a higher gas tax which all adds up to more electrics. They have proposed a ban on gas and diesel vehicles by 2040.